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Warco produces a range of radiator products designed specifically for your coolant needs. We produce premixed Warco anti-frzand concentrated antifreeze as well as a long life coolant designed for tropical climates.

50/50 Pre-mix & Full Concentrate Anti-freeze/Coolant

Warco Premixed and Concentrated Anti-freeze are premium products suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines. Formulated to modern standards, they are low silicate formulas that satisfy requirements for most light and heavy-duty applications. Available in concentrate or conveniently premixed for instant use. Warco antifreeze provides protection from freezing, overheating, rust and corrosion and protects all metal surfaces including aluminum.

Warco Antifreeze meets the following performance standards:

Automobile Heavy-Duty
ASTM D 3306, ASTM D 4340 ASTM D 4985
CSMA Caterpillar
Chrysler MS 7170 Cummins 90T8-4
Ford ESE-M97B44-A Detroit Diesel 7SE298
GM 1825M (Aluminum) Freightliner 48-22880
GSA A-A-870 GM 1899M (Non-aluminum)
John Deere H5
RP-302B (American Truck Maintenance Council)
SAE J1941
Volvo/GM Heavy Truck Corporation

Available in the following sizes:

Package Size Case Size (Cubic Feet) Case Weight (Gross)
6 x 1 gallon (3.8L) plastic bottles 1.56 CF 55 lbs / 24.95 kg
19 Liter Plastic Pail 1.44 CF 42 lbs / 19.05 kg
1 x 55 Gallon (208L) Steel Drum 10.7 CF 520 lbs / 235.87 kg

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