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WARCO SAE 30 Non-Detergent Motor Oil is a general purpose crankcase oil comparable to a SA /SB service classification. WARCO SAE 30 ND Motor Oil is an economical lubrication suitable for use in older automotive and light truck engines in light duty service that do not require high-performance motor oils. Use in modern engines may cause unsatisfactory performance and may result in equipment harm.
Prem SAE-30 1-Liter_silver

Warco motor oil is available in a variety of viscosities in the following sizes:

Package Size Case Size (Cubic Feet) Case Weight (Gross)
12 x 1 Liter Plastic Bottles 081 CF 25 lbs / 11.34 kg
4 x 4 Liter Plastic Bottles 1.26 CF 35 lbs / 15.88 kg
4 x 5 Liter Plastic Bottles 1.32 CF 40 lbs / 18.14 kg
19 Liter Plastic Pail 1.44 CF 42 lbs / 19.05 kg
1 x 55 Gallon (208L) Steel Drum 10.7 CF 460 lbs / 208.65 kg

Also available in the following grades ND-20, 40, & 50

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